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1031 Exchanges

As the nation’s largest Qualified Intermediary, IPX1031 provides industry leading exchange services including guidance, expertise and security for 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges.


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1031 Exchange Services

IPX1031 is a full service Qualified Intermediary with highly specialized 1031 Exchange divisions. As the nationwide leader in the 1031 Exchange industry, we can handle any type of tax deferred 1031 Exchange transaction.

Exchange Planning

A successful 1031 Exchange transaction requires planning, expertise and support. Laying the proper groundwork before entering into an exchange will avoid unnecessary obstacles and lead to a smooth transaction.

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Delayed Exchange

The most common type of 1031 Exchange is the Delayed/Forward Exchange. This allows taxpayers to sell investment property and then replace it, tax deferred, with new investment property.

What is a 1031 Exchange?

Reverse 1031 Exchange

A Reverse Exchange is the opposite of a Delayed/Forward Exchange. This allows taxpayers to purchase new Replacement Property prior to selling existing Relinquished Property.

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Why Consider a 1031 Exchange?

There are many advantages to structuring your investment transaction as a 1031 Exchange.

Defer taxes (up to 35-40% of the gain)

Greater purchasing power

Improve cash flow

Diversify a real estate portfolio

Switch property types

Build & preserve wealth

Asset preservation

Expand into other real estate markets nationally

Consolidate a real estate portfolio

Estate planning for heirs

IPX1031® Essentials

IPX1031 focuses solely on Tax Deferred Exchanges. As the national leader in 1031 Exchange services, IPX1031 has the financial assurances, security and expertise essentials to protect your funds and provide answers and guidance throughout the 1031 Exchange process.

IPX1031 $100 million Fidelity Bond

$100 Million Fidelity Bond

Protects the taxpayer in the unlikely event of a company failure; the bond is there to satisfy the financial obligations of the company.

IPX1031 $100 million Fidelity Bond

$50 Million Written Performance Guaranty

Ensures the taxpayer exchange funds are returned in the amount of deposit.

IPX1031 $100 million Fidelity Bond

$30 Million Errors & Omissions Insurance

Safeguards against employee negligence resulting in a loss to the taxpayer

Unparalleled Financial Strength

IPX1031’s parent company, Fidelity National Financial (FNF) is the world’s largest provider of title insurance and real estate related services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Qualified Intermediary (AKA accommodator or QI) needed?

Yes. To avoid a taxable sale of the Relinquished Property, the use of an intermediary in virtually every 1031 transaction should be utilized. In addition, the Exchanger must enter into written agreements with the QI before the Relinquished Property is sold.

What is Like Kind Property? Can I sell my rental house and buy a 4plex? Can I sell my vacant lot and buy an office building?

Yes, you can buy ANY kind of business or investment real estate, anywhere in the US. The “like-kind” requirement does not mean selling and buying the same exact type of property. In an IRC §1031 transaction, you can exchange real property for virtually any other real property in the United States, as long as the property is held for productive use in a trade or business or for investment purposes. You can sell a rental house and buy apartments, commercial, industrial, mini storage, vacant land, agricultural, etc.

Can I get an extension on the 45-day identification period for my 1031 Exchange?

No, unless you are eligible for an extension due to a federally declared disaster, the IRS doesn’t have any provisions for extensions or exceptions – not even to the next business day if the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday. The best way to get more time is to start looking for your Replacement Property well before the closing of your sale property or to extend the closing date on your sale property.

Do I have to buy from the properties I’ve identified in my 1031 Exchange?

Yes. During the 45 days you can change what you’ve identified, but once your identification period has expired, you must buy from only that list. No substitutions or changes after day 45. The rules under section 1031 are very strict.

Can I use money from my 1031 Exchange to improve the new Replacement Property after I buy it?

The day you take title to the property is the end of the exchange for that property. If you have cash left over, that is taxable boot. There is something called a Build-to-Suit or Improvement Exchange, where we, as the intermediary, take title to the property to make the improvements before you take ownership. This is also a more expensive and complicated transaction.

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Helping Your Clients

IPX1031’s team of legal, tax and Certified Exchange Specialists® are here to assist and work with you and your clients through the exchange process, even for last minute exchanges. As part of your team, IPX1031’s knowledge base and expertise gives you an added resource for your clients. And to keep you up to date on the most current and important 1031 information, IPX1031 provides seminars and webinars that can qualify for professional continuing education.


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Financial Planners

Commercial Brokers


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What Our Clients Are Saying

Simply put, no one compares to IPX1031.

“I have over 30 years of real estate experience and have used a variety of 1031 companies in the past. Simply put, no one compares to IPX1031. This company is extremely knowledgeable, professional, prompt and courteous. It knows the business inside and out. They are also accessible, and are never hard to reach. I have had very complicated situations with foreign clients and they have handled all issues for me from beginning to end They will make your life easier. Just turn it over to Sangeeta Banerjee and she and her staff will get the job done. A breath of fresh air in the complicated 1031 field.”

– Gary Aboff

Patty was great in helping us...

“Patty was great in helping us know those complexities and walk us through the process with great clarity. This was our first time doing a 1031 exchange and had a general knowledge of how it would go but there were complexities along the way that we didn’t know. Patty was great in helping us know those complexities and walk us through the process with great clarity. There were times in our deal when things might have fallen through but Patty was able to offer her experience ideas on how the deal could still work (reverse exchange). In the end it went through the way we had hoped so it was more straightforward. All said, I would highly recommend her and her team to anyone looking for help in the process and next time we have an opportunity we will have her help us again.”

– Dan Brown, President

Working with IPX is a dream...

“Working with… IPX is a dream, you know that once you have placed the order the job is done and it is done right. It is obvious that their reputation is well known; when you inform the escrow officer that the transaction is going to be an exchange and IPX will be the accommodator there is always a sigh of relief. They are the company to work with!”

– Larry Franzella, President

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